Coming up in Slash 1.1.0

Nov 2, 2016

Slash 1.1.0 is nearing completion and going into beta. Once we have confidence that the new version has no unexpected regressions, we’ll release it to the wild. In the meantime, we thought you might be interested to learn about the notable changes coming in this version, so we included them below:

Fixture Improvements

Slash now supports the slash.exclude decorator to exclude specific parametrizations of specific tests:

import slash

SUPPORTED_SIZES = [10, 15, 20, 25]

@slash.exclude('car.size', [10, 20])
def test_car(car):

@slash.parametrize('size', SUPPORTED_SIZES)
def car(size): # <-- will be skipped for sizes 10 and 20

An additional feature is this.test_start and this.test_end – two callbacks that fixtures can use to be notified when tests start or end while they’re active. This is especially useful for widely-scoped fixtures

Ability to Control Test Sorting During Collection

We’ve added the tests_loaded hook to enable you to control how collected tests are preprocessed. This is especially useful for controlling execution order:

def tests_loaded(tests):
    for index, test in enumerate(reversed(tests)):

Suite File Filters

Suite files can now contain filters on specific items via a comment beginning with filter:, e.g:

/path/to/ # filter: x and not y``

Logging Improvements

Logs emitted before logging is configured are now buffered and emitted into the session log to ease debugging.

Slash also now supports an optional “error log” – an additional path to a log file that will only record added errors or failures. This eases the investigation of failures given verbose tests/sessions.

Misc. Changes

The full changelog can be found at the usual place. Feel free to try the beta at our develop branch on GitHub, and as usual feedback/issues/pull requests are very welcome!

Happy Slashing!